Finding balance & practising understanding

Part of my daily routine is to review articles and videos from around the world with a focus on small business, the environment, and travel. 
I keep my searches broad and read varying opinions. (This unfortunately does take quite some effort as many of online news sites use algorithms to only share “similar” stories or those I’ve ”liked”, which can distort what information and discussions come up in search results.) Understanding varying opinions and hearing both sides of a story is something I suggest we all practice (I’m still learning myself). This usually provides a more complete view of the truth, and is often somewhere between two points, not just one or the other. My exploration into the going green movement highlights this particular issue.

I am working hard to reduce my own negative impact on our world. By sharing what I learn along the way, I hope to enable and encourage others to do the same. It surprises (and saddens) me to see how this can be portrayed in a negative light. Of course, “bein’ green” isn’t easy. Completely stopping the use of or replacing certain everyday items that are harmful to our environment isn’t always practical, and may even have serious, sometimes devastating consequences to established industries and livelihoods. But that doesn’t negate the need for more eco-friendly solutions to our everyday needs, and it doesn’t justify the aggression and personal attacks I so often see whenever the issue is discussed.

It would be amazing to finish a day of research finding more people working together towards a more sustainable planet. Surely we can successfully run our businesses and enjoy our lives, and not damage our ecosystems in the process?
I’ve said it before: I am not perfect, but I am trying! And I would ask everyone out there to do the same. Start by doing just one thing that is environmentally conscious. And be a little more patient and understanding of an alternative point of view. And above all, let’s attack the problem, not the person.

 ~ Charli