The learnings of this little pilgrim

As an Ecopreneur (“Ecopreneurs are entrepreneurs whose business efforts are not only drive by profit, but also by a concern for the environment.” Ecopreneurship – Wikipediaworking with other brands and working towards common eco-friendly, community-based and cause-oriented goals is fulfilling. But ensuring that you are, in fact, aligned on these goals can be challenging. Great quality and functional products are no longer the only consideration. Ethical and sustainable production, product disposal and distribution all now enter the equation. At Pilgrim Packs we are working hard to ensure that all the brands we work with and all the products we stock align with at least one of our core beliefs.

  1. Sustainability – this means no single-use plastics unless they are bio-degradable, and use of recycled, upcycled or biodegradable materials wherever possible,
  2. Community-focused – we want to engage with local businesses, that support other local businesses, and
  3. Charitable – in support of addressing and resolving social issues.

Thankfully, as the go green movement picks up pace there are more and more brands jumping on the eco-train. New businesses are being launched every day that specialise in, or have a range of eco-friendly products. Existing businesses are looking at improving the efficiency of their supply chains, eliminating harmful inks/dyes in their products and packaging, replacing harmful or unethically produced materials with eco-friendly and sustainable products, and removing single-use plastics altogether. A few brand-friends that Pilgrim Packs already partner with are: Beauty’s got soul, who not only produce cruelty-free, vegan products but also support – a group providing ‘safe sleeps’ for the homeless in Melbourne. Wow Wipes, manufacturing 100% bamboo body wipes and supporting the Rowed less travelled team. And BioGone Australia, who specialises in ‘responsible use of disposable plastics.

All these brands are listed next to our own products in the Pilgrim Packs shop, with ingredients and other information.

 So, the take-away from all this.  With a little patience and lots of googling, there is a wealth of information to work with, almost too much! Select one or two products or processes you want to reduce your negative environmental impact on and focus on those. Then pick up the phone and discuss with the suppliers what you are trying to achieve and why. Keep an open mind and you’ll be surprised by what can actually be produced from the humblest of materials (two words: Pineapple leather!). Lastly, thank you to all I have personally spoken with to date. I have been astounded at how helpful and supportive our community is. The common goal is not another quick sale, but a step towards reducing waste and damage to our planet and supporting great organisations who help our community.

If you have an amazing brand-friend, give them a shout-out!