The learnings of this little pilgrim

As an Ecopreneur (“Ecopreneurs are entrepreneurs whose business efforts are not only drive by profit, but also by a concern for the environment.” Ecopreneurship – Wikipediaworking with other brands and working towards common eco-friendly, community-based and cause-oriented goals is fulfilling. But .....
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It ain’t easy bein’ green

Ahhhh… childhood memories, well for those of my era at least. 
The “being green” movement today has taken on a whole new meaning, noticeably across the retail and travel sectors, and rightfully so....
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Why Pilgrim Packs?

Let me share a little of my personal pilgrimage. Pilgrim Packs was born from a sense of humour at my own travel misadventures, the need for a little comfort, and of course fun on a long pilgrimage....

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