The Pilgrims have been scouring the internet, & collating a few of our own favourite travel tips.

If you have any 'Tried & True' travel tips or hacks send them in to & we will share them with a shoutout.

11 Things You Should Do the Day Before You Go On Holiday

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  1. Alert your credit card company
  2. Contact your mobile phone company
  3. Notify your home security company
  4. Confirm all reservations
  5. Make advance payments on bills that have due dates during your trip
  6. Check the weather
  7. Eat, throw out, or give away any perishable food
  8. Leave an itinerary with a friend or family
  9. Clean out your wallet
  10. Place a hold on your mail delivery
  11. Bring in outdoor furniture

 Being eco~conscious


We are not 'eco-perfect', & short term it's not likely. However, becoming eco~conscious is, with both "practical & practicable" options readily available.

Notify your bank when travelling Overseas

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"No affiliation with ANZ just love the old ad" 

 Yes, you should notify your bank if heading overseas to avoid costly and or embarrassing mishaps.



Travel is an education for all

Ladies and Gentlemen, the late, great

Anthony Bourdain.... 


Never carry your wallet in your back pocket.

Travel Tip from Grandpa


We all know you should never carry a wallet in your back pocket, especially as a tourist. Here is one solution to not only save your wallet, but deter pickpockets :) 

"My grandfather used to keep his real wallet in his front pocket and a second wallet in his back pocket whenever he traveled. The second wallet was filled with Bill Clinton 3-dollar bills and those generic credit cards you get as part of pre-approved CC offers in the mail."

Courtesy of Reddit user 'Rentiak'

Camping not just tips!

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1. Can you free camp anywhere in Australia? NO, you can’t just park anywhere & camp overnight, however several locations across Australia do allow free or low cost camping. Generally these have sign posts advising it's ok to camp.

2. Take it with you. Penalties for littering offences range from $5,000 to $10,000.

3. Campfires. If in doubt do NOT light a fire, check your states fire restrictions & regulations before camping.

Camping Gear everything you need & Advice ~ RonnyDahl


Watch the video here

If you haven't watched any of his video's yet then you are missing out on some fun & handy Tips, 270k subscribers can't be wrong.

A few of my favourite tips from his recent camping basics video:

1. Buy a 4 person tent to sleep 2, they are small!

2. At 5:23 in the video 'guy line tensioners' how to ;)

3. Stainless steel bucket, not plastic

4. Don't go cheap on your cooler, leatherman or bedding.

5. Take 2 water containers, 1 large & 1 small 

12 Key Steps When

Planning A Business Trip 

1. Stay Travel-Ready

2. Make Preparation Your Travel Buddy

3. Establish Membership Programs

4. Plan For Unexpected Delays

5. Create A Clear System

6. Network Before You Get There

7. Take Extra Care

8. Pack Light & Stay Productive

9. Don't Check A Bag

10. Consider Cultural Differences

11. Back Up Your Laptop

12. Always Bring A Presenter's Kit

How to avoid jet lag

  1. If possible book a night flight

  2. Try to get some sleep

  3. Avoid alcohol & drink lots of water to stay hydrated 



5 Tips to save

for your next holiday

5 Tips to save for your next holiday

1. Make a budget

2. Buy in bulk

3. Stay motivated

4. Cut out convenience

5. Netflix & save


Pack Essentials in your Carry On

During what felt like hrs to collect my bags a bead of sweat appeared. 'Pack essentials in carry-on' had been forgotten & now flashed through my head.

Even after years of business & social travel, I forgot the golden rule, & it seems I am not the only one. This week alone several articles & blog posts are doing the rounds on social media regarding lost luggage containing valuable and essential items.

Travelling can be a challenge at the best of times & the temptation to leave toiletries, an iPad, laptop or other gear in your check-in luggage to avoid additional security is tempting. However, with new improved scanners the days of getting everything out to put on-show are numbered & with travel amenity kits such as Pilgrim Packs its easy to keep toiletries on hand, all leaving enough room in your backpack or small case for an emergency shirt, pants and tie.