Pilgrim Packs

Pilgrim Packs

  • Pilgrim Packs calico eco-friendly pack

Pilgrim Packs

Pilgrim Packs


Pilgrim Packs calico packs ( set of 3)

Our calico packs are made from 100% cotton, they are natural and environmentally friendly - they are durable and reusable!

All natural coloured calico cotton packs and are high quality 120 gsm with high denier.  The calico packs are cross stitched on the inside seams which means they are stronger than your average calico bag!

Our drawstring ribbons are Australian made calico with a herringbone pattern.

30cm x 40cm the bags are great for the below and more.

  • eco-friendly 'cube' style packing 
  • packing intimates
  • laundry 
  • produce
  • shoes

Locally sourced

All products are sourced locally to support local business.


We endeavour to: Use eco-friendly packaging Source products containing biodegradable, and or recycled materials limit single use items (even biodegradable)

Light weight

Designed for easy travel, small and lightweight. Liquid products adhere to international flight size restrictions.